“Entourage” Sparks Nineties Narco Nostalgia Wave

“Medellin” may finally roll this season now that Vince and the lads appear to have funding, and another trapped in the 20th century character can’t seem to let go of Pablo Escobar either

One rock being turned over now that Democrats are back in power on Capitol Hill is the war in Columbia. Our government’s gallant Colombian allies murky roots among right wing narco death squads are being revealed, and casting a pall over trade negotiations.
But Bill Clinton remembers the good times, and the master of triangulation is being mustered to help bail Columbia out of it’s jam with Congressional Democrats. He’s received the coveted “Columbia is Passion” award* as his former (and Hillary’s current) pollster labors to show that dead Colombian trade unionists shouldn’t hurt ties with old friends.

*Devil-horned heart shaped object in a Plexiglas box. Quite the shelf meat for the Little Rock museum.

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