Comfort Zone

To the base! The National Journal points out that the first Republican Presidential candidate debate at the Reagan Library tonight takes place on familiar ground, “in the middle of nowhere. And nowhere is closest to Simi Valley, one of the whitest cities in California.” Plus the Rodney King beaters.

Richard Nixon’s path of destruction

Nixon’s New Jersey home, birthplace of the Monica Crowley legend, is going down.

Current owners say neglect has rotted out much of the home, and it will be demolished.

So ends another chapter in the Nixon saga. The Disgraced Former President lived in the house until near his death. The home joins his Florida property in knockdown heaven, with the tangled web of San Clemente still spinning.

Nixon said he “intended” to donate San Clemente to the American people at one sticky point during Watergate, but sold to developers in the end. The proceeds helped finance the New Jersey property.

La Casa Pacifica still stands, surrounded by newer homes, some of which inherited crumbling portions of the wall Nixon built around the property.

The current owner of the New Jersey property unveils a new mystery, claiming that Japanese former owners intend to use some of the home’s interiors for a Nixon museum [one of two] to be built on Okinawa.

Can the island handle the excitement, the reproduction there of Clinton’s Hope Arkansas house not being enough for them?


That Kennedy Magic

….ain’t what it used to be. They’ve cut the asking price in half for Hickory Hill, former home of RFK, JFK, and one time presidential wannabe General George McClellan.