History On The March


The Associated Press reports the Clinton Library Director is leaving, “moving back to his home state of Alabama” to run something called the Museum of Mobile.

No replacement named, nothing on Mobile’s web site. And poor Director Alsobrook still greets Clinton visitors.

Bush Triumphs At The Polls!

The voters have spoken, and the message is clear: bring on the dancing presidents!

University Park Texas residents this weekend passed a referendum to sell Southern Methodist University land for the potential Bush library. A theme park with propaganda institute attached becons!

Once More Into The Vaults!


Late notice on still more detail of the decades of Nixon attorney wheedling and whining to keep the Watergate tapes under wraps. A former National Archives staffer gives still more reasons not to trust Tricky Dick, then, now and forever.

Part Of The Way With LBJ


Remember “framing,” the magic talking cure that would build Democratic bodies twelve different ways and let them triumph over those smooth talkin’ GOPS?

Interest cooled, the Republicans lost the election, and we’ve all moved on. But Democrats remain supplicants, as witness n the struggle to name the Education Department building after Lyndon Johnson. The name finally went though, but at the price of naming a Missouri post office after Rush Linbaugh’s grandfather. Presidents come and go, but fathead talkers are forever?

Wind Beneath It’s Wings


“Gosh, I love America.”

Mitt Romey’s edgy stance epitomised the infectious optimism spreading it’s spores at the Reagan Library candidate debate, as ten angry men tried to fit themselves in Ronnie’s armor. Americans saw the likes of Tommy Thompson cocking his strangely russet head, attempting a winning grin, and were aghast.

Next up at the Library: Mother’s Day Brunch! And yes, there will be a fajita station.