Grover Cleveland, our contemporary?


What didn’t he foretell! Presidential homes as tent pole for real estate speculation, child bride marrying, descendants reduced to reenactors?

Upstate New York citizens are slowly awakening to the tourist gold which lies at their feet, and yet another “presidential library” is the pan through which Buffalo’s ore will be sifted, or something.

As you are no doubt aware, Grover Cleveland served America not only as our only non-continuously termed chief executive [and as one bounced from office while receiving the majority vote], but as Buffalo Mayor and New York Governor.

Buffalo sees the tour buses rolling in. Not only will the Cleveland “Library” promote presidentus interruptus, but the town can cash in on the McKinley assassination at last!

And none too soon. The home where McKinley died after his crazed anarchist encounter [is there any other kind?] was sadly destroyed.

A rather pathetic stone in a road strip marks the shooting site where the Temple of Music stood.


Teddy Roosevelt has had the luck of having the Buffalo home where he took the oath preserved, so presidentists who also share a late Victorian furniture passion have somewhere to go.

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