Not Fit To Shine His Shoes?

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Reagan progeny Patti Davis despairs at the Republican Presidential field’s efforts to all look like true sons of Ronnie. She seems particularly upset at Mike Huckabee’s fashion choices huckabee-hunts.jpg for bird slaughter, then closes with this send off:

“…imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery; it’s just an indication that the imitator is going through a serious identity crisis.”

Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon

Face Facts nixon-profile.JPG

powerline-graphic.png Powerline forum participant “G. Will” [because the bow-tie pulls the babes?] has nailed the real trouble with Mike Huckabee:

“Only Problem: Huckabee Looks Like Nixon!..He is a no-winner due to this sorry quirk of Nature.”

Huckabee’s not alone.

Signposts on the Nixon Trail include vegetables: nixon-eggplant-two.jpg

Trees: nixon-a-tree-that-looks-like-nixon.jpg

Rock formations: nixon-geikie-gorge-western-australia.jpg

More rocks: nixon-rock-nixons-profile.jpg

And the great state of Montana: nixon-montana-map.jpg

Touch the Hand That Touched the Hand

Missing in Action? We Never Left! norris-vietnam-mia.jpg

Barak Obama has gotten a lot of mileage out of saying he doesn’t want to endlessly revisit the battles of the 90s.

Mick Huckabee is heading the other way, holding out hope we can re-fight the culture and other wars of the 60s, 70s and 80s. And we can win this time!

His embrace of Mansman Chuck Norris sends us whirling back to a bygone corner of the Reagan era, when the liberal Hollywood elite cranked out film after film based on the proposition that Vietnam held American prisoners after the war. They were the missing kids or sex trafficked of their day, always in our hearts, yet somehow not real.

Now Huckabee has found a splinter of the One True Cross to guide him back to the promised land. Grizzled hack veteran Ed Rollins is answering the call.

People are always asking: ‘Who’s the next Ronald Reagan?’ Well, I was with the old Reagan. I can promise you that this man comes as close as I’ve ever seen.

Rollins was there when Reagan rolled to victory in Grenada and reelection, reagan-grenada-no-to-reagan-join-the-militia.jpg

and he can make the magic happen again!

Let’s look back on Ed’s proud decades. Where’s he been all these years?

Managing KT McFarland [sister of Iran-Contra felon and Reagan National Security Advisor Robert McFarland] in her loss to the guy who got crushed in Hillary Clinton’s reelection.

Consorting with Lenora Fulani in the Ross Perot “movement.”

Running Katherine Harris’s failed Florida Senate campaign until he walked and denounced her.

Boasting of bribing New Jersey black ministers to suppress the vote, then claiming he made it up.

Claiming he was told the Reagan campaign got $10 million cash from Philippine Strongman Ferdinand Marcos [and has not denied it since].

Veteran Huckabee watcher John Brummett looks back at Rollins, The Troubled Years and concludes:

” In more recent times, Rollins has been failed or odd…Now he proclaims that he has one race left in him and that he will favor Our Boy Mike with it ..Huckabee loves redemption. As we know from his record: If you beg his pardon, he’s apt to grant it.

That 80s Show


That Bush-Reagan Thing

“…he wasn’t a part of that Bush-Reagan thing, I was a part of that Bush-Reagan thing”

With these bold if inarticulate words, Mike Huckabee affirms his Reagan Correctness and threw down the gauntlet to would-be Reagan lover Mitt Romney.

romney-ask-mitt-anything.jpg Romney wrapped himself in Reagan’s banner and responded with his own interesting read on history:

“Ronald Reagan would have never raised taxes like Mike Huckabee did, Ronald Reagan would have never said let’s give tuition breaks to illegals like Mike Huckabee did, Ronald Reagan would have never stood by and pushed for a budget that more than doubled during his term as president.”

We can’t know what the deceased former President might do with contemporary questions, but we certainly know he raised taxes and amnestied immigrants.