Mr. President Is On Assignment

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Everythings Coming Up Nixon For Me & For You!

Good Times Won’t Be Forgotten  nixon-katherin-graham.gif

Frost/Nixon lumbers onto more of the nation’s screens this weekend, but America’s infotainment complex apparently believes in putting  a little touch of Nixon in everything they do.

Up next: HBO thrills once more to Washington Post Publisher Katherine Graham as all that stood between us and fascism.

Her storied Pentagon Papers and Watergate confrontations with the Nixon administration are tales we tell children in Washington, while passing swiftly over her heroic union busting immediately afterwards.

Nixon stories are well on their way to being the thoughtful person’s Woodstock anniversary, events endlessly replicated in news and pop culture until the issues are reduced to “iconic” personalities,  anyone alive at the time dies or rioting spoils the party.   woodstock-riot.jpg

George W. Bush’s Unified Executive In Action!

Unity In Action!  cheney-rice.jpg

The Los Angeles Times gets the gritty detail of Bush administration history in the making:  talking points distributed to Cabinet and Agency heads to sell, sell, sell!

His departing virtues? Too many to count, but above all [and repeated twice] is his restoration of “the honor and the dignity of his office.”

When were that?

It’s a broad definition of dignity, apparently including the White House meetings, which Bush knew of, where his Cabinet officers and aides planned and signed off on torture, and those where he personally demanded torture.

Our Past Presidents: Dead? Sure, But How Were Their Abs?

 “I have always wondered…

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out of pure interest what state do you think the bodies of our founding fathers

are like? or others like Abraham Lincoln? do they get embalmed?”

One of the many paths to presidential knowledge, demonstrated by “indian23” in’s forum.

Bill Clinton: Malaysian Malapropisms


                                                                             “This is what the world should be like”   -Bill Clinton

The Mrs. has a shiny new job, but Bill Clinton is enjoying a final moment in the sun, following his heart.  In this case his heart leading him to the unsavory regime in Malaysia, where he fell into his old bad habit of overpraising his “complicated” hosts.

Bill’s principal sponsors were the Petra Group and it’s largest shareholder, the Sekhar Foundation, whose dubious practices have attracted outrage from other shareholders and a lawsuit, since settled, by he-man actor Bruce Willis.

Clinton showered them with praise, and went on to embrace any and all powers in Malaysia, no matter how unattractive. The Indian and Chinese minority suppressing, Mongol mistress murdering Malaysian elite got to bathe in the former president’s warm assurance that they were serving humanity by their very existence.

 The Studs Terkel Of SE Asia?   clincon-malasia-red-socks.jpg