Outgoing Efforts

The March Of Democracy bush-san-francisco-memorial-commission-poster.jpg

Supporters claim they have enough signatures to place a San Francisco ballot measure naming a sewer plant for our departing president. The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco launched their effort this spring, and hope to file signature petitions in July, with a November vote.

The Memorialists were way ahead of Barak Obama in vandalizing our sacred Presidential Seal.

bush-san-francisco-memorial-commission.jpg Shocking! obama-seal.JPG

Shun My Ride

Who’ll Be Next In Line For Heartache bush-new-hampshire-bus-door.jpg

A relative unknown came to storied New Hampshire, home of America’s crustiest voters, seeking their backing for president. He rode the back roads aboard an iconic vehicle, taking his message to the faded mill towns which spawn our presidents.

mccain-2000-bus.jpg No, not that one.

It was George Bush’s “Victory Express,” the motor-coach that carried him throughout New Hampshire in 2000.

Which Bush lost. bush-new-hampshire-bus-bush.jpg

Now the bus Bush road to defeat can be yours!

The Politico points to the exciting auction already underway on eBay, where you can own this metallic remnant of a humbler George W. Bush.

And that’s not all! There’s hardly a failed Republican presidential candidate of the last two decades, announced or otherwise, who hasn’t spent time on this doom patrol.

bush-new-hampshire-bus-alexander.jpg Alexander. bush-new-hampshire-dole.jpg Dole. bush-new-hampshire-bus-gingrich.jpg Gingrich. bush-new-hampshire-bus-pataki.jpg Pataki. bush-new-hampshire-bus-gramm.jpg Gramm. bush-new-hampshire-frist.jpg Frist. bush-new-hampsire-bus-kemp.jpg Kemp. bush-new-hampshire-bus-romney.jpg Romney.

The Loser Express’s final service to America was this year, bush-new-hampshire-bus-giuliani.jpg when it rolled to it’s final disaster as the Rudi Giuliani campaign bus.

Bush Buscapades

Road Worthy? bush-legacy-tour.jpg

The Washington Post alerts us to the launch of the Bush Legacy Tour, an anti-Bush propaganda bus sponsored by the thoughtfully named Americans United for Change.

There’s no tour information at their site or in the Post beyond it’s start – down the street from the White House at the AFL-CIO – but the organizers would be advised to avoid a Counter Clinton Library like flame-out.

Making The Eagle Scream

Signed, Sealed & Disappeared obama-seal.JPG

Barack Obama’s campaign has yanked the cheesy presidentish seal that has been called mocking, outrageous, and possibly illegal by somewhat fevered observers.

The real crime of course is burdening the eagle with the existing Obama graphic obama-circle-logo.JPG – it still looks like a small town electric co-op logo.

No word if the Reagan Library will drop or modify it’s presidential sealish jelly jar adorning design. reagan-jelly-jar.jpg

Tool Time

Complex Questions soviet-palace-of-soviets.jpg


The New York Times reviews the morality of architects building for the lovely regimes of China, Abu Dhabi, and Kazakhstan, and such past patrons as Hitler, Stalin, the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein.

“The ideological issue is as old as architecture itself. By designing high-profile buildings that bolster the profile of a powerful client, do architects implicitly sanction the client’s actions or collaborate in symbolic mythmaking?”

Lucky Bush Library architect Robert A. M. Stern is joined to the ranks of tyrant handmaidens, but unbowed.

“I’m an architect,” he said. “I’m not a politician.”

Sadly we’ve seen no Bush drawings yet to add to the Times’ slide-show [no real ones anyway].