FDR Still Dead!

Truman fans mark date.


It’s Legacy Time in Nigeria!

Outgoing President Obasanjo couldn’t pass a constitutional amendment allowing a third term, so he’s settled for anointing successors and opening a “library”

Leadership lessons are promised, and Nigeria’s great and good proudly serve on the board, joined by curious foreigners.

Goateed entrepreneur Richard Branson is on board, no doubt grateful for his acquisition of a privatized local phone company and the launch of Virgin Nigeria airline. Also involved is a partner of Andrew Young in the delightfully named Goodworks International [Slogan: “We do well by doing good.”]

The library threatens to be a sprawling affair. The gift shop alone appears in drawings [below] to be the size of your basic Marriott Residence Inn.


“The design intends to make the passers-by ask: “What structure is that on the hill?”


It’s win/win for the candidates and the Reagan Library, host to the first “debate” with all and sundry Republicans running. That ole devil “security” has forced the event to take place in front of a mural flogging the Reagan’s new Air Force One ride, err exhibit. In a smaller hall, and gosh if they don’t need an immense stage to hold all the aspirants.

So no public seating, but you are invited to submit questions on line, suckers.


Out of power, but forever in their letterheads.

Jeb Bush was denied an honorary degree by the University of Florida, and now the state legislature may slap his name on the University’s College of Education.



The Carter Library is getting some of that web 2.0 action, launching a interactive user content generatin’ semi-personal web experience: “The Youth Space.”

Let’s rush to the Future, shall we?

Youthful visitors discover a new world of content, and they are in control!

The youth of today adopt a pseudonym to impersonate the ambassador of a supplicant nation, pondering what swell gift to grease the President with. Kids from 8 to 80 may not care what china pattern they’d give President Mystery Date, but there’s fun to be had making up juvenile names for oneself to play The Diplomacy Challenge, at the touch of a keyboard!