Dick Nixon To Kick Around Again!

Legends Of The Fall

It’s come to this: after being around for 20 years, the Nixon Library’s best spokesman defending the Nixon “legacy” is creationist fraudster and imaginary civil rights veteran Ben Stein.

The  celebration of 20 proud years is in the spirit of the man, with events featuring such 60s legends as Freddie “The Jew Counter” Malek.

The Library spent most of these years with no actual Nixon presidential documents. It’s been a place of song, myth, and wedding rentals,  staffed by the fervent few who still believe Nixon’s vindication will come, someday.

CultureWares.com celebrates Nixon’s Twenty Years Of Lustration.

Washington Slept Here, Now Keep Moving

 House Proud

A belated salute to the Washington Post’s Philip Kennicott, who July 4th shared with readers his meditations on America and the world’s obsession with replicating homes of the great and the good, or at least George Washington.   white-house-replica-hl-hunt.jpg

Mount Vernon, soon to host another superfluous “Presidential Library,” holds first place in the nation’s architectural imagination, or lack thereof.  Kennicott spotlights the many sad recreations of the Big House,  and Lydia Mattice Brandt’s research into America’s mysterious practice of making foreigners and school children troop through replicas at half a dozen World’s Fairs and exhibitions.

We Might Be Giants    
Current star practitioner of this architectural ghost walking is Alan Greenberg, whose accomplishments include a toy house Mount Vernon for future Chief Executives with excess family cash, and a “flagship” store for the always strenuously patriotic Tommy Hilfiger.

Ronald Reagan exhibited some of these morbid symptoms, enjoying work at a replica of George Washington’s desk before he was president even of the Screen Actors Guild.

It’s not only the Great House.

lincoln-cabin-postcard.jpg       Kentucky proudly hosts a fake Abraham Lincoln boyhood cabin, now replicated on coins.

And an Okinawa businessman’s strange fakery compulsions could only be satisfied with a recreation of Bill Clinton’s boyhood home.

On Okinawa.


The Nixon Library Tonight: Dick Jokes Never Fail



There’s Always Room For Dick!

 The Nixon Foundation kicks off the mad Fathers Day rush with the “perfect” gift for the rage bear you love: Dick “Dick” Morris’s “Take Back America.” Hours from now Morris himself takes the stage at the Nixon Library, and as of yesterday tickets were still available! http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/DM_podcast.jpg

Its a return engagement with History for Morris, who makes the Nixon a regular stop on his book flogging excursions.  The cousin of former Nancy Reagan walker Roy Cohn is  currently pushing one of three titles he’s managed to get out of the still somewhat fresh Obama administration, seamlessly moving to a new host from his Clinton period as a “bird that lives by eating ticks off the rhino’s back.

Morris is a past profaner of sacred parental-related holidays,  and why the Nixon chooses to link the toe-sucking whore-hound whose only child is not his wife’s to America’s sacred celebration of Fatherhood is unclear.

Nixon: Still Kicking

Especially Wack  https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=81176ddc83&view=att&th=128c8088d2108834&attid=0.0&disp=inline&zw


They’ve had to surrender parts of the Nixon Presidential Library to ancient enemy the National Archives, they’ve seen their beloved Watergate exhibit trashed, but the Nixon bitter-enders still have some fight in them.

Coming Monday at the Nixon Library, the return of a particularly byzantine branch of the Nixon tree: a former Nixon aide claiming Watergate was but an elaborate scheme to install Teddy Kennedy as President, with a walk-on by youthful ingenue Hillary Clinton.

The details need not concern us here [trust me, it’s a stretch], it’s the spectacle of these lost battalions hoping against hope that over that next hill is the promised land.

It makes the Truman cult look normal by comparison.

The Nixonian event flogs a book which appeared in 2008 and promptly sank from view, the book’s blog remaining a dream unfulfilled.

If only they’d mobilized the awesome power of social media®! https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=81176ddc83&view=att&th=128c80d3d22f17a4&attid=0.0&disp=inline&zw

George W. Bush: Freedom, At A Price

Freedom Sold Separately!  https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=81176ddc83&view=att&th=128756b16085affd&attid=0.0&disp=inline&zw

National Treasure [& long time PresidentsRUs favorite] Al Kamen fills a Friday Washington Post column with updates on the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s exciting “Freedom Registry.”

As faithful readers are aware, the Registry lists donors to the Bush Library project, starting at the low low price of just $50.

Now Kamen reports it will not merly list of names on a wall, or inscribe them on a brick, but will entail the hallmark of late 20th century technology: interactivity!

Using the latest technologies, this innovative registry will be housed in a specially designed kiosk and will feature an interactive listing of those chosen for this special recognition


 Never has self selection been more  meaningful.

Fries With That? http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/wysiwyg/image/MakeMineFreedom.png


Bush donors are getting off easy.  The bandit princes of the Young America’s Foundation are soaking the rubes for a thousand dollars, in return for which their name is inscribed on the “Freedom Wall” tucked away out of sight on the Reagan ranch property.  Why these believers in Reagan’s Berlin Wall shattering Mighty Voice would build a wall is unclear.