Nixon Hosed

Damp But Determined   nixon-house-hosing.jpg

The New Nixon reports on efforts to protect the Nixon birthplace from fire,  with continuous hosing down by Nixon Foundation staff.

Is Nixon Burning?

Hope Lives    yorba-linda-fire.jpg

So far the Yorba Linda fires appear to be west of the Nixon Birthplace, Grave, Wedding Chapel and Museum, but watch the skies!  nixon-thumb.jpg

Excitable locals are monitoring the situation.

Nixon Beats Bush!

Nowhere to Go But     bush-waves-heliocopter.jpg

As he shows Barack Obama around to measure the White House drapes,  obama-bush-white-house-grip-and-grin.jpg  George W. Bush can take quiet pride knowing that he has secured another presidential first, surpassing Richard Nixon in the American people’s dislike.

Seventy-six percent disapprove of Bush’s performance, compared with sixty-Six percent for Nixon as he boarded the last chopper ride.

All Bush needs now is for a magnanimous President Obama to pardon him, and the healing will begin!


the greatness comes and you are really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.’



Nixon Library Celebration: The Ghost At The Wedding



Spot The Uninvited Guest!




nixon-library-pin.jpg   The Nixon Legacy lives on, in the form of the desperate schemes his presidential library was forced to undertake before they collapsed into the arms of the National Archives.

Now the Archives runs a lot of the place, but the Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation still controls some of the buildings and grounds.

The centerpiece of their tiny realm is a “recreation” of the White House East Room,  nixon-east-room-with-skylight.jpg   if the East Room had monster skylights.

In the words of Nixon daughter Julie Eisenhower, “It’s more beautiful than I expected“.


Wedding guests do the usual classy wedding things…

Plaster the bride with bills nixon-wedding-rentals-boris-and-golnoosh.JPG

Wear unfortunate shoes  nixon-wedding-house-charissa-jarryd.jpg

Pose with available machinery nixon-bride-chopper-sara-john-the-nixon-library1.jpg

Bring mystery guests to the table nixon-wedding-becker-and-kessner-families.jpg

nixon-wedding-bride-bench-sara-_-john-_-the-nixon-library.jpg  & pose by the Nixon grave! nixon-grave-birthplace.gif

Eisenhower: The Trouble With Kansas

From Action to Proximity  john-brown-mural.jpg

The Kansas City Star’s Brian Burnes is digging deep in the Eisenhower archives, and oh the treasures he’s found.

little-rock-norman-rockwell.jpg  The Kansas native who reluctantly sent federal troops to integrate Little Rock schools is held up as a civil rights pioneer. The evidence:  Ike wrote letters, and location, location,location!

1. Eisenhower stormed the margins of polite opinion.

“Correspondence also indicated that Eisenhower wrote to Billy Graham and asked him to provide feedback about current and future race relations.”

And who better than Billy “Stranglehold” Graham to discuss prejudice?

2. As a child, Eisenhower was, once, sometime, somewhere near “minorities” of unknown derivation.

“A picture of Eisenhower from his 1909 graduating class shows two minorities, which Burnes said is an indication that Ike, even at an early age, did seem to have a feeling about other races.”

Feeling is healing!