Out Of The Past

Bush Alumni Gather                   NO SERIOUSLY

George W. Bush has shown his sensitive side to gathering of the faithful, while interested observers puzzled over an exciting new Bush mystery:

Where did they hide the papers this time?

The former President repeated claims he’ll stay above the political fray, while saying former President Carter had  “made my life miserable.

The Bush administration alumni gathered in Washington just as yet another old rock turned over.  One piece of information gained from the  Justice Department investigation of John Yoo’s torture memos was the exciting news that many of Yoo’s emails from the period were unavailable.

Apparently because they were deleted

My Successor Deserves My Documents bush-at-computer.jpg

Washington veterans exchanged quiet smiles, minds drifting back to the Bush administration’s sprint to the exits, little heeding such niceties as complying with federal record keeping laws. Years of litigation later we learned that some 22 millions emails had gone missing, recoverable only at vast expense.

Choire Sicha spoke for the Nation, asking plaintively “How Many Years Will It Take Us To Get John Yoo’s Emails?

Watch This Space!



Ledeen Us On

Reagan: The Road To Victory  October Surprise

Grizzled Reagan era schemer [and Iraq War facilitator] Michael Ledeen has offered his insights into Iran’s release of  journalist and former North Plains beauty pageant winner Roxana Saber.

Ledeen says those Teheran rug merchants are always dealing.

anyone familiar with the workings of the Islamic Republic has to assume that there was a payoff

The Economist calls attention to an interesting response from one of Andrew Sullivan’s readers.

…he insists there were no exceptions; Iran never gave up hostages without getting something in return.   This is in obvious contrast to the mythology that the right has built up that Iran was afraid of Reagan; it is not inconsistent with speculation of an October Surprise that has been part of conspiracy theories on the left.

Tell us, Mr. Ledeen, what was that something that Reagan gave Iran in 1979/80?


Nixon: Justice At Last

Our Gang point-break-nixon-carter-reagan-johnson-expresidents.JPG

The last member of one of the first bank robbery gangs to use Nixon masks has finally been caught.

Eighty-Four year old Carmine Jannece and colleagues robbed a Michigan bank 17 years ago, shortly after release of the film “Pointbreak” . The movie featured a gang wearing presidential masks, and spawned a wave of copycat First Robbers which has yet to stop.

Also Halloween costumes, and T-Shirts. nixon-tshirt-pointblank.jpg

Gaps Bridged, Carter Turns to Comedy

Jimmy Carter Explains All carter-stewart.jpg

…and continues his Mother’s Day March to the Sea, plugging the book.

Tonight, Carter continues his effort to outrage all of decent society by speaking to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Full Steamed

Future Ford Afloat! ford-ford-aircraft-carier.jpg

Who’d a thunk we’d turn to ESPN’s “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” to point out oddities at sea, but Gregg Easterbrook is on to something peculiar in the Navy’s naming schemes.

The troubled USS Gerald Ford, paired with Reagan and Bush Sr. ships, sent him over the edge.

“TMQ finds repugnant this blatant Pentagon favoritism for Republicans. Gerald Ford was never elected to national office: he was appointed to the vice presidency, then became president by succession when Richard Nixon resigned. The never-elected, half-term Ford will have a supercarrier named for him while Clinton, a two-term president twice chosen by U.S. voters, does not.”

Bush Is Gear bush-sr-boat-model.JPG

A groundswell [or tsunami?] for Gerry is difficult to detect. The wingers at Newsmax ran petitions to name the ship for Ford, even touting USS Ford caps. Their site is Ford-free of merchandise now, if it ever carried it.
And lest we forget, the USS John F.Kennedy was retired last year.