Wait Your Turn

Watch It! judicial-watch-graphic.jpg

From the first, the stakes could not have been higher:

“Because Mrs. Clinton seeks our nation’s highest office and may well be the next President of the United States, the public interest weighs heavily in favor of enjoining the Library from continuing to withhold the records at issue.”

And so the judicial activists of Judicial Watch launched their quest, only the latest chapter in their decades long quest to prove something somehow on the Clintons.

But they were late to the party.

Judicial Watch’s document request to the National Archives’ Clinton Presidential Library came after many others, and archives-enemies-of-documents.jpg dwarfed any request for presidential papers, ever.

The Watchers sought to focus on the UFO requester in line before them, but now a federal judge has ruled that rushing Judicial Watch’s request out of the archives would hurt the people in front of them.

Judicial Watch must abide by the kindergarten commandment to wait one’s turn,” U.S. District Judge James Robertson said.”

Family Feud

Where It All Went Wrong? nixon-ancestors.JPG

A perennial feature every campaign season is the release of genealogies supposedly demonstrating which kings, past presidents and vaguely familiar names clinton-relation.jpg presidential candidates are related to.

A lot of the work is done by genealogy hobbyists, sometimes assisted by the candidate’s own wild-ass claims. John McCain was recently called out for a bogus claim of descent from Robert The Bruce.

Hunt To Kill hunting-for-your-heritage.jpg

And now Richard Nixon is nominated for historical orphan-hood.

A long and lustrous line is shown for Nixon on Genealogy.com, but a critic hopes to chop it off in the 18th Century. Will Johnson says Genealogy.com grafted Nixon onto a family tree he has no business in.

Getting down in these weeds leads you to questions like: “The 1st and 2nd Baronet of Burton Agnes: dead-enders?”

“…the extinction of the baronetcy proves that neither Sir Henry 1st Baronet, nor Sir Henry 2nd Baronet had any surviving male- line issue. i.e. brothers, sons, nephews in the male line…[It] also disconnects Richard Nixon from this family. His ancestor, if he was indeed his ancestor at all, Samuel Griffith said-to-be “of Wigmore” who died in Maryland in 1717, does not belong to this family. “

If Nixon’s Genealogy.com ancestry held up he would be some sort of cousin to McCain and Obama . They are all supposed to be relatives of King Edward 1, famous for invading Scotland and expelling the Jews from England.

Father of Our Country edward-1.jpg

“Doctor” Paul Kengor Don’t Get Out Much

a man walks by the barn and sees this little boy in this room filled with manure? And he’s [the boy] standing there and he’s digging, and he’s digging, and he’s digging. And the man says, ‘Son, what are you doing up to your hips in manure with that little shovel?’ The boy says, ‘Well, with this much manure around, there’s got to be a pony—and I’m going to find it.” Hillary Clinton

reagan-god-and-cover.jpg Reagan biographer “Doctor” Paul Kengor is super impressed.

“Mrs. Clinton’s use of that anecdote is the first time I’ve heard it from a public figure since Ronald Reagan.”

Which is sadder – that Hilary Clinton is now channeling Ronald Reagan’s use of this beloved chestnut, or that hapless Reagan biographers haven’t seen these lines used since the Age of Teflon?
The pony metaphor most famously metastasised post-Reagan in a thoughtful appreciation for the good things that came from slavery.

Touching De Void

Just Because judicial-watch-graphic.jpg

The already Clinton-crazed kids at Judicial Watch face further proof that the world is against them. Their endless litigation to force someone, anyone, to disclose, admit, or just fess up to Hillary Clinton’s dark deeds has stalled.

latest.jpg A major hangup is the vastness of their National Archives requests colliding with practical limits to how fast Archives can shuffle Clinton, or any, papers.

“At an estimated three million pages, the size and scope of Judicial Watch’s present FOIA request makes it the largest FOIA request that the Clinton presidential library has received to date…Further, the request is greater than any FOIA request ever received to date at any of the presidential record act libraries.“

Archives handles requests first come, first serve, and in line ahead of The Watchers are a different species of crank. Grant Cameron trolls the Clinton and other Presidential Library files for proof of UFOs. ufo-pols.jpg

And “The Mainstream Media’s Lonely UFU Blog” reports Cameron is poised to further annoy The Watchers. He’s endorsing Hillary Clinton as best on the little green men question.

“She … would be the most fearless individual to find and take on the secret UFO cabal”


No Evidence? No Problem!

Hillary Walks! clinton-h-phone.jpg

The Associated Press says Hillary Clinton has narrowly escaped testifying about hundreds of FBI files the White House amassed during her husband’s administration.

“Had Clinton been forced to testify, it would have rekindled a controversy in the midst of her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.”

“Controversy” implies items in dispute, and the AP let the clowns suing Clinton refer to her as “the defendant.” But according to the Associated Press:

“An Independent Counsel report in 2000 found no evidence of wrongdoing by White House aides or Clinton.”

Whatever might have happened?

Clinton patsy Ken Starr deposed Hillary Clinton on this in 1998. And in the end, the Independent Counsel Final Report In Re: Anthony Marceca said Hillary didn’t do it, and it didn’t exist.

“…there was no substantial and credible evidence that any senior White House official, or First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, was involved in seeking confidential Federal Bureau of Investigation background reports of former White House staff from the administrations of President Bush and President Reagan.”

“The Independent Counsel has, however, concluded that the allegations giving rise to this Office’s investigation of the matter were not substantiated by the evidence.”