Philippine Floods: Hundreds Die, Imelda Marcos Shoes Saved

Feet Tragically Obscured      The Bountiful Imelda

Good news from the watery Philippines, where tragic flooding ends on a happy note.  Renowned shoe fetishist and drag queen ideal Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection at the Marikina Shoe Museum was plucked from the rising waters by quick thinking museum staff.

Now the Marcos family can concentrate on the career of Strongman Scion Bong-Bong Marcos.

Son of Viel Aquino Dee receives Bong-bong Marcos by Inkblotsâ„¢



Reagan’s Washington: Can We Stop Now?

   Enduring!      U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) supports former ...

With the dedication of the Capitol’s Ronald Reagan statue, our nation’s capital now celebrates our most beloved deceased president at National Airport,

Reagan Sign

a trade center, and the “Ronald Reagan Republican Center,” command post for


present Senate clinging to power efforts.

The nation as a whole remains under threat.  Mrs. Reagan was not just in town for shroud tugging.

She hosted a big get-together at the Capitol Hilton that constituted the kickoff of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s $100 million fundraising effort to update the Reagan museum and host a variety of events in two years during the Reagan centennial.

In order to add to their already obscene piles ‘o cash:

The Reagan Library Foundation’s assets totaled more than two hundred million dollars in 2007 (the most recent year available). In that year alone, the Reagan Foundation’s income topped fifty-four million dollars; in comparison, the federal budget that year for all twelve presidential libraries combined was seventy-eight million dollars.

Re-Burying Buchanan

Bye Bye For Now!   Scott 1081 - The 3¢ Wheatland - Home of President Buchanan

President’s History Day Month has only furthered the obscurity and disrespect of “America’s Only Bachelor President,” James Buchanan. First, C-Span’s poll of presidential history guys ‘n gals on the go confirmed his spot at te bottom of the POTUS opinion sweepstakes.  And now his Pennsylvania estate has had to collapse itself into the arms of a local historical society in order to stay afloat.

Buchanan’s Wheatland estate’s staff had dwindled to two, and its membership to 500, when the Lancaster County Historical Society beckoned. The deal is  being presented as a marriage, but Wheatland is now just an option on the Society’s web-page.

Buchanan’s administration is recalled for his staying very still as the Civil War approached, and for the invention of the ghastly title “First Lady,” which in his case was his niece.


Lady In Question   2009-03-03-harrietlane.jpg




An exciting future of failed president reenactors lies ahead!

The Dumbing Of History: C-SPAN’s Sexy 65

Survey Says  family-feud.jpg

C-SPAN’s presidential historian survey holds many thrills: the inexorable rise of Bill Clinton, how far from bottom     c-span-top-bottom-10.jpg George W. Bush has settled, but the historians themselves hold their own excitement.

Who are these guys?

The mysteries of “presidential historian” credentialing are many, and among this crew are some rather odd characters.

In his writings Joseph Persico confused Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, confused Teddy’s daughter’s name with his sister’s, and got the year Roosevelt was elected in his own right wrong.

Stanley Renshon is perhaps best known for utterly missing the point of Stephen Colbert’s legendary appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner.   bush-colbert.jpg Colbert’s jolly mockery of the media’s deference to President Bush was the evening’s theme, but in Renshon’s view it was all terrible les majesty aimed at Bush.

It is a testament to Mr. Colbert’s lack of perspective that he could even consider making such remarks. It is also a testament to the view, that he apparently shares, that when it comes to Mr. Bush, no level of crass rudeness is inappropriate…He owes the President and Mrs. Bush an apology.

The utterly weird Paul Kengor tosses off articles with titles like “What Bush And Moses Have In Common,” and loses himself in reveries over Ronald Reagan’s life-guarding and the 77 lives he claims he saved:

I believe it’s not an exaggeration to draw a straight line from Reagan at the Rock River to Reagan at the White House.


Carl Sferrazza Anthony’s claim to fame is as Historian for the highly dubious National First Ladies Library, absorbing most of their salaries not paid to the wife of their former Congressional patron.

Michelle Obama: Other’s Caution

Who Is The Real Michelle Obama?  obama-michelle-radar-cover.jpg

Alarms are being sounded over First Lady Michelle Obama forays into the policy realm, as she made the first of what are promised to be more federal agency visits. Mrs. Obama has touted Obama Administration policies recently at both the Housing & Urban Development and Education Departments.

First Lady historian Myra Gutin told The New York Times she is disappointed:

“She went to some lengths to say she was going to be first mom in chief …I don’t think we ever really imagined her edging toward public policy like this.”

A different view was expressed in November, when  The President’s Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century author Dr. Myra Gutin looked ahead:

I think she could be active the way Hillary Clinton was”

But as First Lady historian  Myra Gutin cautioned the Washington Times last June:

 “There is a real disconnect between what we know and what people are really like. The media doesn’t always match what a person is.