Hey Sailor!


All aboard for two full hours of ship shaping, USS Ronald Reagan style!

Tomorrow the National Geographic Channel presents what we can only suppose is an upbeat account of life aboard the aircraft carrier.

Judging from Reagan’s afterlife online it should draw well. The subculture of USS Reagan tchotskes grows ever more diverse daily.

For $5.95 plus shipping you may own this handsome 5×7 inch photograph of a disturbing looking Nancy Reagan christening the ship.


What’s the deal with the angle of her head?

You might prefer the action shot with a more realistic looking Mrs. Reagan, only $9.99, shipping included!


reagan-painting-ship.jpg Or go all out and drop $5,600 on a ships painting, shipping included.

Neshoba County: Ourselves As Others See Us

reagan-neshoba-wide.jpg House Party or Big Tent?

The Jackson Mississippi Clarion-Ledger [“Real Mississippi”] reprints Greg Mitchell’s Editor & Publisher piece on the New York Times, Ronald Reagan, and the Neshoba County Fair.

Not In My Backyard

Get Stuffed roosevelt-t-doll-with-bear.JPG

Someone doesn’t care for the idea of a new Teddy Roosevelt “presidential library”in Oyster Bay New York.

The National Park Service official overseeing Roosevelt’s home at Sagamore Hill is not interested new competition:

“We already have a TR museum at Sagamore Hill. … you wouldn’t want to confuse visitors that to go to a downtown museum is visiting Sagamore Hill…In Washington, D.C. there is only one monument to TR. That is Roosevelt Island on the Potomac River… It seems to me that a museum in Washington where there are multiple millions of visitors, would be more appropriate…There are many other places that could use a place to learn and celebrate TR. He is so instrumental in starting the National Park Service – let’s put it someplace where people can visit him…I wouldn’t want to make a lot of changes in Oyster Bay…The whole idea of Presidential Libraries started with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. TR was ahead of his times, but his papers have been preserved and protected and are available to the public at Harvard and the Library of Congress..”

Deputy Regional Director of the North Eastern Region of the National Park Service Chrysandra Walter

What Would Jesus Hang?


$15.95 from the Nixon Library – It’s their toehold in pop culture and they’ll milk it till it dies.

Somewhere, Daniel Ortega is Smiling

nicaragua-graphic.gif Possibly here!

Today in History

“On this day in 1981, President Ronald Reagan signs off on a top secret document, National Security Decision Directive 17 (NSDD-17), which gives the Central Intelligence Agency the power to recruit and support a 500-man force of Nicaraguan rebels to conduct covert actions against the leftist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.”

It was going to be great. nicaragua-save-the-contras.jpg

Our proto “Coalition of the Willing” allies in the Argentinian death squads would train the Contras, who’d be welcomed as liberators. Later, as things dragged, there was Saudi money funneled by Prince Bandar, key-shaped cakes to Tehran, and Congress failing to impeach.

Everyone was there! Bush Ambassador for Troubled Situations John Negroponte was holding the fort in Honduras, current NSC advisor Eliot Abrahms aka “Mr. Kenilworth” was lying to Congress.

And now Danny’s back! ortega-chavez.jpg