Full Steamed

Future Ford Afloat! ford-ford-aircraft-carier.jpg

Who’d a thunk we’d turn to ESPN’s “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” to point out oddities at sea, but Gregg Easterbrook is on to something peculiar in the Navy’s naming schemes.

The troubled USS Gerald Ford, paired with Reagan and Bush Sr. ships, sent him over the edge.

“TMQ finds repugnant this blatant Pentagon favoritism for Republicans. Gerald Ford was never elected to national office: he was appointed to the vice presidency, then became president by succession when Richard Nixon resigned. The never-elected, half-term Ford will have a supercarrier named for him while Clinton, a two-term president twice chosen by U.S. voters, does not.”

Bush Is Gear bush-sr-boat-model.JPG

A groundswell [or tsunami?] for Gerry is difficult to detect. The wingers at Newsmax ran petitions to name the ship for Ford, even touting USS Ford caps. Their site is Ford-free of merchandise now, if it ever carried it.
And lest we forget, the USS John F.Kennedy was retired last year.

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