Teddy Roosevelt: Which One Is Not Like The Other Ones?

He’s Everywhere!   roosevelt-t-disguise-kit.jpg

As the dream of a flood plain-based Long Island Theodore Roosevelt Library remains but a vision, the Peace Garden State is surging ahead.Teddy Roosevelt once shot a buffalo in North Dakota, and they’ve never recovered.

Theodore Roosevelt was the nation`s 26th president but number one in a lot of North Dakotans` hearts. He has his image forever etched in the side of Mount Rushmore, but lacks one thing that most modern day presidents have: a Presidential Library. Dickinson State University is gearing up to change that.”

Such is the passion for the future president’s passing through the state that North Dakotans have decided to beat Long Island in the race to become the nation’s premier depository of other archives’ Roosevelt documents.

The Long Island effort also promises to be pretty much free of anything original, but KFYR TV reports North Dakota is already creating facsimilies on the ground.  They are part way through the effort to archive other libraries holdings.

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