Who You Calling A John?

vitter.jpgShape-Shifting in conservative circles continues in order to discuss whore fancying Louisiana Senator David Vitter. Jeffrey Lord in The American Spectator goes a long way round the barn to pair Vitter with Robert F. Kennedy Junior.

The link? The Kennedy Library Foundation takes corporate money! And apparently, most politicians do! “If he really believes what he says he believes, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. could start by remembering that prostitution isn’t just about accepting favors from women.”

It would appear that the former Reagan staffer and CEO of right-wing YOUTUBE alternative QUBE TV, if he really believes what he writes, is calling Reagan and, all politicians, Johns.

And while his sister serves on the Library Foundation board, Kennedy does not.

What is is QUBE? It posts videos, but as Lewis Black pointed out on the Daily Show [sadly not on line] most of their rip roaring conservative alternative content to YOUTUBE videos …. are in fact links to YOUTUBE.

They also encourage the kids to send in graphics. “We know you are out there, and we certainly know you are smart, funny, opinionated, thoughtful, creative, clever, well-read, savvy and – conservative! Join the fun!”

Shall we?


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